Pt 1 Real Swing Golf explained

Pt 1 Real Swing Golf explained

The Real Swing Golf Method® of learning golf is based on two simple skills that are the foundation for hitting great golf shots.

This series of videos explains in greater detail the basics of the Real Swing Golf Method® that were briefly outlined in the Golf Channel Instructor Search Audition video.

In Part 1, Ron explains how as a rail thin 10 year old boy, his lack of strength at that age enabled him to automatically swing the clubhead correctly – freely, fluidly, and fast through the impact area. He also explains how his 10 year old mindset of simply having fun trying to make contact with the ball enabled him to ignore all the technical, body focused advice (head still, arm straight, etc) thereby enabling him to naturally develop his hand eye coordination skill to precisely and consistently contact the ball on the center of the clubface…

Striking a golf ball is essentially a stationary ball, hand-eye coordination skill. Golfer’s can improve their swing and striking ability very quickly with the following swing thoughts:

– “Relax” (especially in the hands to be able to swing the clubhead freely and to be able to feel the weight of the swinging clubhead and the path of its “heavy circle.”)

– Swing with a “Rhythm,” with the rhythm of the swing being Tick “Talk” – ‘tick tock’ so swing the clubhead swings fluidly like a clock pendulum but you want to accelerate the momentum of the forward swing of the pendulum so the clubhead “talks.” In other words, the accelerating clubhead makes a loud “wwhhoooossshh” sound through the impact area – hence the rhythm is Tick – and then make your club “Talk.”

– Strike the ball by feeling the clubhead’s weight and the path of its “heavy circle” and “guiding” (not “controlling”) the path of the clubhead’s “heavy circle” so that, as it passes through the ball, the ball is struck as closely as possible to the center of the clubface.

Look for more videos coming soon that will further explain the Real Swing Golf Method®…

Striking powerful and accurate golf shots can be learned IN JUST MINUTES with unbelievably simple principles and swing thoughts…

See for yourself… Watch the amazing results of the Real Swing Golf Method® in the following “swing makeovers,” dramatic before and after videos of golfers of varying skill levels:

Visit and click on “The Method” for a more detailed look at the Real Swing Golf Method®…